Friday, 11 October 2013

5 Questions with La Planchette

Vive la France!  Can you give a little bit of history about La Planchette

Absolutely correct! I only started in May this year as I took over from the previous owner.  From this date the main focus has been to stabilise everything that already existed and have a smooth transition with the the new team: products, suppliers and customers of course.

And it's been fantastic to see customers supporting and welcoming us to our three markets: Double Bay on Thursdays, Kings Cross on Saturdays and Marrickville on Sundays.

You are now the "face" of La Planchette and a most welcoming one at that.  Was it a difficult transition with the shoppers continually asking who you were, or is it a once a La Planchette devotee always a La Planchette devotee

It was a really nice smooth transition.  I would say once a quality taste devotee always a quality taste devotee

Your range of cheeses is not only mouth-watering but absolutely astounding.  Do shoppers at Kings Cross Market have a preference and how adventurous are they when you offer them a new sample to try

Shoppers usually have their preferences.  They are always keen to discover new cheese and guess what?  They are always going to be the best cheeses in the end.  This is very reassuring because this is one of our main commitments, the best products from the best French "terroirs".

Where do you source your cheese from and how many nights at home do you indulge in "now I just need to try this to make sure the customers will like it", which of course should be accompanied with some divine French wine

All cheeses are coming from France.  Most of them are classic historical cheeses.  It is hard work to taste them regularly to check maturation and best matching wine of course!

How would you sum up the world of La Planchette in 5 words

That's a very difficult question!  

I would say:
  • Authenticity
  • French
  • Terroirs
  • Excellence
  • Fun


So if you want to be transported to France and haven't the airfare, all you have to do is visit La Planchette each Saturday and your dreams will indeed come true!

An enormous merci beaucoup to Christian and we know his following is impressive already, and are looking forward to seeing it grow even more!

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