Thursday, 27 March 2014

Litza shares her love of Kings Cross Markets

When did you first stumble across what is now one of Sydney's best Saturday Market (aka Kings Cross Markets)

I recently moved into this area of Sydney.  I was thrilled to discover these gorgeous markets at the top of my street.  I literally stumbled across them while out exploring my new neighbourhood.  Now I look forward to visiting them most weekends.

You also have a massage therapy practice nearby.  From a holistic point of view, why do you think markets like ours form not only an important part of the community, but also complement or add to our lifestyles in ways we may not necessarily have thought of

I think that happiness, fresh air, human interaction and good food are essential.  I think flowers are important too! 

So the markets definitely assist well being.

I think we shouldn't underestimate the importance of community and neighbourhood. All around the world the marketplace has historically been a centre for community: a place for people to come together as important for socialising as is for trade. Experiences which delight the senses are good for the body and the mind and markets certainly do that.

Do you have a "musty buy, can't live without" purchase, and if so what and why's different every week.  If I get to the Soda Bread stall in time I always pick up a loaf.  Their gluten free bread is the best I've ever tried!

And I have my eye on a baby fig tree at the plant stall....maybe next market day!

Is this a solo expedition or do you like the share the love

Sometimes I wander up to the markets by myself but it's a pretty friendly place, so I often end up chatting to someone.  If I have visitors or am meeting up with friends, I always suggest the markets for lunch as there is plenty of great food to choose from and then you can go and sit by the fountain to eat.

How would you sum up the world of Kings Cross Markets in 5 words



A massive thank you to Litza for not only discovering our markets, but sharing the love with us, you and all her friends!  We look forward to seeing you on a Saturday often!

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