Friday, 31 May 2013

5 Questions......with Stephen Kemp

You were originally a stallholder at Kings Cross Markets.  How did that come about?

I was making soy wax candles scented with essential oils and was looking for outlets to sell them.  I grabbed a copy of the Markets & Fairs Magazine, called the Organic Food markets office and booked in for Kings Cross Markets.

With the introduction of cheaper imported soy candles the profit margin was reduced and I decided to finish making them.

From stallholder to manager: totally different perspectives. Was it a difficult transition from being within the stallie community to the Manager of the stallies?

There was a short adjustment period in becoming a manager for both myself and other stallholders.  I had previous retail management experience so I was used to working in that capacity.

My style of management is non-authoritative, so building rapport with the traders was fairly easy.

During your time as Manager, how did you see the markets evolve?

The Saturday Markets in the Cross has evolved from being held twice a month to being held weekly.  It has built up a group of regulars that have come to enjoy the sense of community that the markets bring. 

The market has also been a great testing environment for new businesses and new products.

As Kings Cross is notorious for its colourful characters, who would be one of your favourites and why?

It is sure tough to choose, but I did like to see a particular ex-Les Girls cast member parading around first thing in the morning awaiting her close up!  Always brought a smile to my face

(note: this is NOT the one Stephen refers to , but we love her and just couldn't resist putting her in!)

If you could sum up your time at Kings Cross Markets in 5 words, what would they be?

Weather, Diversity, Community, Food and Friends

So there you have it!  5 Questions with our much loved and much missed former Kings Cross Manager, Stephen.  But we just KNOW he swings by when he can (welllll....after a quick plane trip from Adelaide that is!).  

Thank you SO much for sharing just a bit of your time with us Stephen and we miss you enormously!

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