Friday, 21 June 2013

The Joy of Oi

How did you originally discover and then become a much loved stallie at Kings Cross Markets?

We wanted to get our brand out to most parts of Sydney.  We started at Kings Cross Markets but after roaming around the market circuit we have come to love Kings Cross and plan to stay for looong time.

The people here are great and we've started to build a little following with familiar faces coming to see us every week, which is great!

Your food is probably the ultimate "fusion" cuisine.  Are you able to give us a teeny insight in to its history from "conception" through to "delivery", and where did you come up with the brand name?!  (which by the way we LOOOOVE)

There are two things we love above all else: food and travelling.  After a recent trip to the US and chasing down food trucks on the streets of LA & NYC we came home to discover an increasing popularity for good casual food.

After some experimenting in our kitchen, Joy Oi was born.  Joi Oi means OMG in Vietnamese and it is the culmination of our past travels through the USA mixed with our backpacking adventures through Asia during our younger years.

In a relatively short amount of time, the love of Joy Oi has reached phenomenal heights within the Kings Cross Market community.  Obviously this is not only encouraging but kind of reinforces that the right decisions were made at the right times.

All we do is try to share the food we love to eat with people & we are over the moon that people are constantly doubling back and letting us know how much they enjoy it!

How difficult was it when you first started to venture in to "market" life?

Market life isn't always rainbows and lollipops.  It can be testing at times. The early starts on a Saturday means sacrificing your Friday nights and there are days when the heavens open and you wished you packed your ark!

That being said it's the people that make it all worth while.  Not only the happy customers but the other stallholders that like us, share the products they love.

I'll trade some of our tacos for some freshly baked chocolate fondant any day!

What has been one of the more unusual requests you have received by a punter?

We've had people having trouble deciding which taco to choose (which is quite normal) but we had one person who asked us to mix all the ingredients together!

Sounds like something I would do after a big night out if you ask me!  He's still a customer which means he kind of enjoyed it (the mixture I mean!)

If you could sum up why people should not just visit, but should sit a spell, share a taco and enjoy the world of Kings Cross Markets in 5 words, what would they be?

Gourmet, Honest, Friendly, Addictive, Sydney's best kept secret.....oops I went over!

a MASSIVE shout out to mags_k for allowing us to include her photo where she shares the love of Joy Oi


Well we have NO issue with the more than 5 words and we absolutely, positively, unequivocally recommend you get yourselves up to Kings Cross Markets to see what all the Joy Oi fuss is really all about (ps: personal taste-ometer rating: none high enough we're afraid!)

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