Friday, 19 July 2013

A little bit of Savoury Jems

Can you give us a little bit of insight into the background of Savoury Jems

Savoury Jems came about when we decided my mother's cooking was simply too good to keep to ourselves.  We had to share her food with the world so Savoury Jems was born.

She had had some catering experience when she was younger but then decided to concentrate on catering for her 5 children.  With the sudden passing of my dad, mum felt understandably lost, but through her cooking she slowly found herself again and she has a truly amazing passion for it.

The "Jem" part of the name is a play on words obviously but is also derived from both my mum and dad's names: Jemaliye and Jemal.

The logo is a collaborative effort between a graphic artist and my sister Ayjan.  It represents the shapes and the many different flavours of our Boreks.

You do quite a bit of baking on site.  How long does it take to prep in order to have it ready for market day

Prep really does take all week. Early in the week mum goes to source only the finest ingredients from around Sydney.  She doesn't like to buy too much in bulk so as to keep things as fresh as possible.

The rest of the week is spent on preparation.  Mum gets up incredibly early every Saturday morning to prepare the dough for market so everything is all incredibly clean, crisp and packed full of flavour which we think is evident in our final product: the Borek.

Your fan base at Kings Cross Markets is ever increasing: what's the secret behind your success or is it a closely guarded secret that would require the "cone of silence" to be shared

There is no secret really.  Just a beautiful woman serving beautiful food.  The food comes from a unique Turkish family recipe which is packed full of flavour and has been passed down through the generations.

We like to treat our customers as family.  Whenever we can, we will stop and have a chat with them.  We get so much out of meeting new people at market that we like to return the favour through our food.  There's a lot of love in what we do.

What is it about market life that makes it tangible and fulfilling

The people!  Simple as that.  Life is about the people who move in and out of our lives every day.  At Kings Cross Markets you get to talk to lawyers, actors, hippies, hustlers and then some.

It's a beautiful tapestry and we love it.

How would you sum up life as a King Cross Market stallie in 5 words

Bloody hard work, amazingly rewarding.


So if you would like to taste one of these little Jems, we absolutely recommend to get to market sooner rather than later on a Saturday and trust us, all you have to is follow the mouth watering aroma and and give one of these scrummy little babies a sample cause hand on heart.....(to use our favourite phrase) once tried, forever enslaved.

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