Friday, 5 July 2013

The King of Plants

How long have you been part of the Kings Cross Organic Market community and how did you first find us

I have been with the markets pretty much when it began.  We were originally set up at the back of the market when it was held twice a month.

Why plants

Plants hav always been my hobby and interest, eventually I focussed on having my own plant florist!  It's always relaxing to work and be surrounded by so much green 

Your flowers are loved by many.  How do you choose which ones to bring to market and do you have a personal favourite

We usually follow the seasons but there will always be the $15 basics such as gardenias, lavender and rosemary.  As winter comes along we have the more exotic as well as the all year round indoor plants to brighten any home.

As you are right at the front of market, you get to see most of the colourful characters that make up the Cross.  Is there a stand out one for you

A lot of our customers are dog lovers.  We see all people who go to great lengths to get their pooches  super pampered.  

It's definitely interesting to see so many different ways dogs can be groomed.  We love all the characters and it's definitely a great community to be in.

What is it about market life that you enjoy the most

Market life is incredibly different to working in retail.  The stallholder community is like your second family.  We see them each week, catch up on goings on, share stories and always but always keep an eye out on each other...just to make sure!


The plant king is there week in, week out with usually a new addition each week which makes your market visit all that much more worth while.  

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