Friday, 28 June 2013

Sharing the love with Solange

How long ago did you not only discover but fall in love with Kings Cross Markets

I discovered the market when I moved to Sydney in early 2011 but started visiting more regularly in the middle of 2012, initially for the flowers and then (as I started adopting a healthier lifestyle) for the produce.

What is it about these markets that keeps you coming back

It's a nice walk from where I live.  It's intimate but has everything I need and there are lots of fantastic places nearby

Do you have a favourite stallie and if so, who and why

I don't often indulge in their treats but I love the gozleme stall...soooo yummy

My fave has to be Slowly Does It Food.  Such a huge range of organic delicious produce.

Are the markets now part of your weekly kick-back and chillax Saturday routine

Yep, my routine is a boxing class in the park before strolling to the Markets, having a coffee, browsing and picking up a bag of green produce for the week.

If you could summarise why Kings Cross Markets should be on everyone's "must do" list in one sentence, what would it be

Kings Cross is better known for things other than its Saturday markets, but the vibe there on a Saturday morning is really energising.  And with Kings Cross Station being literally around the corner, it's super easy to get to and have a wander around.

Huge thank you to the lovely Solange who took some time out of her busy day to share some what she loves about our Kings Cross Market

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