Friday, 21 June 2013

Sharing the King Cross love with Angelique

When did you first discover Kings Cross Markets

We wanted to buy some quinoa congee that used to be at a stall there.  Soooo many people raved about it, so it became a weekly habit to and get this delicious meal.

Then we moved across the road from the markets and every Saturday we pop downstairs to do our weekly groceries.  It was such a blessing to be so close, especially as my husband had been diagnosed with cancer a few months prior to our move.

Those markets were our lifesaver.  Whilst I was caring for my husband, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, it was such a positive influence to know that the markets were literally downstairs and would be there each Saturday supplying our organic food.

We see through your blog ( raw is an integral part of your life.  Are you able to briefly outline the benefits of raw for those who may not yet be aware/enlightened

I wouldn't say that "raw" is the main thing we began in our eating with my husband's diagnosis.  In fact some people (and macrobiotic food also isn't 100% about raw), raw can be difficult for their systems to enjoy.

Our biggest goal is to eat 3 cups of green a day (kale, rocket, beans etc), 3 cups of colour a day (berries, capsicum, carrots, purple cabbage etc) and 3 cups of sulphur a day (leeks, onions, radish etc).  Blanching food is easier to digest.

We definitely avoid high heat cooking and much prefer the slow method.  We avoid anything BBQ as medical research has shown using this method can be carcinogenic.

So no more "throw a shrimp on the barbie" unless for a very short time with that type of heat.  Wok cooking is ok as long as the food is thrown in and out in a blanching style.

The reasoning for all of this is that the nutrients in food are destroyed if you over cook it.  Our brilliantly progressive GP says "EAT A RAINBOW" daily.  This is our guide (nb: OFM likes that expression!)

Do you have a "can't do without must have every week" item

We prefer to eat what ever is in season.  So the "must haves" change accordingly.  

In summer we LOVE our salads.  In winter we cut up raw kale and leave it at the bottom of the any warming dish that we make.  This way it is warmed, delicious but we also get to eat it as raw as possible.

Do you have a stallie and if so, why?

Rita's veggie stall is our favourite and is our sole reason for shopping.  It is conventional but doesn't mean the quality (for us at least) is any lesser and helps with our budgetary needs.

I like to chat with the stallholders and ask where their farms are, what sort of pesticides they use and even go visit them if I can.

Information is the key to understanding.

Can you sum up in one sentence why people should make Kings Cross Market their number 1 activity on a Saturday morning

It's easy, it's done, it's quick.  The earlier we go the less parking hassle (we now live on the other side of the Harbour).  There is usually a sunny spot to sit in after we have bought our food.  We get a take away coffee and enjoy people watching!

With that we say thank you Angelique for sharing her love of our markets and we would like to end with this

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