Friday, 7 June 2013

Birgitta Bites....literally (in the best way of course!)

When did you have your debut at Kings Cross Markets, and how did that come about?

I think I have been at Kings Cross Markets for about 6 years.  I actually started market life at Frenchs Forest Markets but wanted a Saturday market and as Kings Cross was closer for me I decided to give it a go.

I love Kings Cross because of its uniqueness and the customers are absolutely wonderful.  

Why the markets? I had returned from the USA after life as a professional chef and decided to try something totally different & it's just grown from there....and the journey continues!

You have an extraordinarily large (and ever increasing we must add!) fan base.  What is it about market life that keeps you baking?

Market life is an interesting business and not easy by any means.  It goes without saying, it's my customers who drive me.  They feel like an extended family and they also provide me with major input to my product range with suggestions and requests, which then provides me with the opportunity to go away, explore and create.

For me the big picture is this: there is nothing better than sharing food with others.

From a tiny little kitchen comes some of the world's amazing creations.  You have your core stock of goodies and have now ventured in to the world of gluten free (which we can personally attest to their deliciousness).  

From start to finish, how long does it take you to make these babies until they are ready for market?

I am continually searching for new ideas or variations of current ones.  Trends tend to dictate a little in what I make and that is as a result of requests from my customers.

Gluten free is a major example of this.  As allergies increase so then does the need to a) gain knowledge and b) find alternatives so as to accommodate and have it translated in my food. This cycle is never ending.

I can make variations of an idea and then make adjustments to what tastes good to me personally, which is a bit a "trial and error" process.

My customers are the final deciders because I will always let them know if it's a new product and then ask for their feedback, including any suggestions they feel might improve the product.

This process can take weeks sometimes or if I have struck the jackpot it will be an instant hit!

The best satisfaction for any stallie is when that golden 'sold out' sign goes up.  What has been your biggest sale of any product in one day?

Hmmmm. Well I guess the answer is a bit seasonal because at Christmas if I ever see another mince tart by Christmas Eve, there are times I would have to scream from the rooftops!

insert screaming!

But in winter it is always the Dulce de Leche Brownie

What does the future hold for the Queen of Baking?

At the moment I am starting my little big cake range, which is basically taking a cake like Raspberry Coconut (which is my best seller) and miniaturising it which you could take to afternoon tea's or as a gift.

They look sooooooo cute!

Beyond that?  Well it's about time I hit the web and joined the rest of the universe and expand access to those who can get themselves to the markets to find me!


Fortunately for us, we CAN get to her at the Markets and so can you!  Every Saturday, Fitzroy Gardens (near that famous El Alamein Fountain) so if you haven't you must, cause once tried you will be forever enslaved.

And cause we can, we would like to thank Ciao Mag for allowing us to include this great little article they did on our Queen of Baking recently.

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  1. WE have been regulars ever since she arrived - just wonderful - so fresh - home-made- and a variety - we buy two slices of cake and a piece of slice - such a variety - the mince tarts are to die for - and her old fashioned Christmas Pudding has to be tasted to believe such things still are made ! Instant childhood memories

    Trevor & Paul