Friday, 2 August 2013

5 Questions with Bowen's the BEST Bacon & Egg Roll to be had on a Saturday

Bowen's Bacon & Egg rolls have developed quite a reputation around Kings Cross Market and beyond. What's the secret (or would you have to silence us permanently before telling!)

The special ingredient is probably attention to detail. Yes we use very high quality ingredients, but that alone doesn't guarantee success.  It's the way the egg & bacon are cooked, the amount of bacon we put on each roll, even the way the bread roll is cut.  

But most importantly, it's the people in the stall - that's the most critical part of almost any business; getting the right people.  If you don't have the right people you can't do any of these things well.

Why markets?

My wife started to have children and now we have 6. This meant she couldn't work anymore during the week which was the perfect opportunity to do what I had always wanted to do: set up a market stall.

Always there with a smile, always happy to chat with customers, the Bowen's mob are a part of what (we feel at least) "makes" Kings Cross Markets THE place to hang on a Saturday morning

What is it about market life that sets it apart from shopfront retail

Well about the "Bowen mob" first - you can't train someone to be friendly like that. Giving someone a great roll and having a tiny chat can literally make their morning.

On the question of retail: I suppose the difference is that market allows people to connect with the old world.  Markets have existed for literally thousands of years.  It's a much less formal environment.

Rain, hail or shine you are there weekend in weekend out.  How is that for you

When it's pouring with the rain the die-hards still come out.  On days like that you make just enough to buy a coffee, but we're there for them regardless - every week without fail.

The perfect day for us is a brisk but sunny day in winter.

For anyone who has yet to discover the delights of the Bowen's Bacon & Egg Roll Saturday Routine, what 5 words would you use to get them to get in there and give it a go

We have vegetarian customers - REALLY!


Now want to see what all the fuss is about and why it is IMPERATIVE you join the throngs of die-hard fans who have been known to travel quite a distance simply to grab a bacon & egg roll?

And yes, they do have vegetarian customers!

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