Friday, 6 September 2013

Sharing the love with Jo

How long have you been a fan of Kings Cross Markets

I moved to the area (Potts Point) in February, so I've been walking up to the Saturday Markets at least once a fortnight since then!

To be honest I'd never been before I moved in.  I always used to drive to Bondi or Darlington.

Is this a solo expedition or has the fortnightly ritual become a group activity

Sometimes I love to wander through the markets on my own.  I love being able to listen to the happy bustle and take my time meeting and chatting to strangers.

Occasionally I'll be a meeting a friend for brunch, so we'll organise to meet at the Fountain and wander through the markets before heading off.  I love showing my friends through the stalls.  Everyone I've brought down to the markets is a huge fan!

Do you have a "must have" or is it more of a "let's meander and see what the day is in store and I'll buy whatever takes my fancy"

I always buy flowers.  I have a really cute little sunny area in my apartment that just lights up with a happy bunch of flowers in it.  So that's the staple.

So that's the staple.  I always buy veggies too, although the veggies change a little depending on the season.  And I usually buy a tub of coconut kefir as well...if you don't know what that is, try it at the markets one day!  It will change your life!  Think yoghurt on steroids!

Do you have a fave meal using produce from our markets 

I loooooooovvvvveee the French Cheese (La Planchette).  I love to stand at his stall and keep asking questions, so he'll have to keep talking in his French accent.

I often buy a small cheese wheel from him, so often my Saturday night night meal will include fresh veggies from the market and some of my French cheese.

If you could sum up the "vibe" of Kings Cross Markets in one paragraph what would it be

Fresh and friendly.  Who could want more!


Our thoughts precisely!  So our recommendation is obviously to visit our markets, see what's on offer, try some of the Coconut Kefir from Amphore, drown in French cheese heaven with La Planchette, buy some organic produce, catch up with friends and perhaps make some new ones while you're there!

Huge thank you to Jo for sharing her time, her photos and her love for Kings Cross Market and look forward to seeing you there sooner rather than later!

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