Friday, 25 October 2013

Sharing some Kings Cross Market love with Maxine

How did you first discover the little pocket of organic paradise known as Kings Cross Markets

I am from Melbourne, but I have family that live in Elizabeth Bay, so have been visiting the markets sporadically over the past few years.

I only however became "attached" during my last visit to Sydney as I was staying in Potts Point for works for 3 weeks.  Every Saturday (without fail) started with an early morning trip to the market, buying flowers and sampling delicious fresh juices and food treats the market has to offer.

What is it about these markets (in your opinion) that makes them a great place to not only shop, but to meet friends and hang

These markets are the perfect place to catch up with friends.  Whether it's a game of Connect 4 in the sunshine

or a gossip and coffee on the grass, the market is a great reason to get out of bed in the morning and socialise!

With the mixture of organic, eclectic and some surprise finds, what is your all time number one have to buy each visit and why

Fresh flowers.  For the simple reasons that they look and smell beautiful, and put a smile on my face.

Has your love of these markets spilled in to the lives of those around you, or do you like to keep it as your own little ritualistic nirvana

I tend to keep visiting the markets as my own little Saturday morning ritual.  In Melbourne my local market is Gleadell Street Markets in Richmond, and despite the craziness I actually find it quite relaxing and therapeutic, not to mention the great exercise walking there and back!

For anyone who has not yet "dipped their toe in the water" at our markets, what 5 words would you use to encourage them to get in and give it a go
  • Food
  • Sunshine
  • Buzz
  • Aromas
  • Friendly


Couldn't ask for a better recommendation than that!   So if a Melbourne chick enjoys our markets when she can, just think of what you Sydneysiders can do every weekend!

Huge thank you to Maxine for sharing some of her time with us and hopefully we will see her return sooner rather than later.

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