Thursday, 3 April 2014

YK talks Ginkgo Leaf

Can you give us a little bit of the Gingko Leaf's background story

The Ginkgo tree is a "living fossil", with ancient fossils clearly related to modern Ginkgo tree.  I am impressed by this living fossil's hardiness, its elegant form and adaptability as ornamental trees in urban environments.  Its wonderful form and many functions make it an integral part of daily life in urban areas.  

Just like how we (Ginkgo Leaf) think of our inventory and their many uses in daily life.

Your pieces are stunning in their simplicity yet complex with their durability and design. How do you select which items you feel will best suit your line and at the same time meet the needs of your customers

We sell products that are guided by the Japanese conceptual terms Yo-no-bi ("beauty through use").  Alongside Yo-no-bi, good designs must have high functionality for multiple uses.

A plate comes alive when food is placed within its boundaries.  Tools and equipment used daily should be minimal, practical and useful.  

But what really inspires and stirs us all the time is our customers' boundless creativity in making sense of the items and using them in unexpected and creative ways.  That's the most reassuring.

You have recently been featured in Gourmet Traveller: seriously exciting and a true testament to your hard work and now firmly entrenched with locals at market.  What has been one of the highlights you have had to date when at market

Yes, we are very fortunate to have support from certain individuals in the industry.

Highlights or joys have been:

Regular customers bringing along their friends to introduce them to Ginkgo Leaf. Prospective customers researching the product and making multiple visits to admire their objects of 'desire'.  

It's a delight to witness individual customers taking such informed consideration.

What makes market life tangible and real for personally and as a business

It's one of the best venues and a great way to engage with customers.  There is such a diverse group of market goers.  Moreover, the outdoor setting presents all sorts of delights and challenges.

How would you sum up up the world of Ginkgo Leaf in 5 words

Good design is our value proposition (6 words really!)


So you've read the interview, you've seen a smidge of what these amazing pieces look like, all that's left is for you to get to market and see what is on offer and be swept up in the gentle magic known as Ginkgo Leaf.

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