Thursday, 15 May 2014

5 Questions with Lee & Wami

From free range eggs to biodynamic fruit and veg: you are now a well entrenched and much loved stallie at Kings Cross Market.  What do you love most about market life

The markets are where you go to get something that is not available at your local store, an experience, something unusual or just a bargain.  We love being the one who brings this to people.

Your eggs literally "fly" out the door.  Can you explain what defines "organic" and "free range" and why they not only taste better, but more importantly, why we should choose to buy these types of eggs as opposed to those in the local supermarket

Well freshness is always a consideration and the usual story of supporting the little guys is a nice one too. What can I say: they are certified organic free range, no beak trimming with an open gate policy eggs: so if you ever want to pop in an ensure they are what they say they are then, you can!

What is your best seller at market

Ooohhh...that's a tough one.  It changes as do the seasons and depending on what I have to offer at the time.

But some of the tried and proven items consist of my certified Bio-Dynamic salad mix (amazingly fresh, lasting well past its use-by date staying crisp and delicious!), eggies and my selection of fresh produce is also now starting to get a following.

Amongst your produce, you have biodynamic blueberries, mangos and insane tasting dragon fruit.  For those who may not fully understand, can you give us a bit of insight as to what "biodynamic" means, how it aids our overall wellbeing, why it's an important part of our daily intake of goodness and how it differs from say, organically grown produce

The quick answer for bio-dyniamic is "super organic".  You have all the organic principles that you must follow and then have another set of principles above and beyond that which must be adhered to.  The benefits to the earth and land have been shown many times over in research that has been carried out.

And what about us?  Well, I solemnly believe we should eat what we are guided to by our own intuition as we have the ability to make the right choice for ourselves at each step of the way.

From your perspective, what is it about markets like Kings Cross that form an integral part of the community and why should we, as consumers, support it as much as we can

The basic premise for markets, in our opinion, is it gives people a chance to experience something which is outside the norm of what you would find in other places.

If it tickles your fancy or floats your boat then head on over and join the fun!


Reckon there's something in that for all of us don't you?

Take it from us, there is standing room only for these guys and once you taste their produce you will too will become enslaved to their goodness and have a bit of a laugh while you're at it

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